Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monster Sketches and a Building

So these are some quick sketches for developing a monster. Pencil, pen, and copic markers. There was a lot of experimenting , but its pretty clear i like creatures that stand on thin pointly legs. The creature at the top with the human scale is the one i chose in the end. Though i put him in another project, i will do a separate rendering of him soon.

This is an orthographic turn around for a smaller building that one might find in the east village or pretty much anywhere in NYC. I found and modified some images that might best fit the surface textures of the building.

Hopefully ill get some more new stuff up here soon. Until next time, hoohaa!

New York and Beyond!



Ok, so this is a long time over due. I went to NYC a few weeks ago for a week and had a great time touring the city. Though I had lived there last summer, I never really did any 'touristy' type things. During this visit I went to the Frick Gallery, the Met, the Whitney, the Drawing Center in Soho, the PS1 in queens, and a many more. This included a walk through many of the galleries in Chelsea. I also took a river boat tour around the southern part of Manhattan.

There where many other adventures this week, including going to see Kung Fu Panda. I must say this was the best Dreamworks Animation film I've seen so far. Simply put it had a decent story, developed (main) Characters and a solid moral follow through on its concept. Of course then a few weeks later Wall-E came out. That was just amazing all around. A new level in computer animation, not just for the kids anymore. The end.

So now I'm Going to post some things from art tests I've taken Since graduating, as well as the above, a brief add for Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda.

More very soon!