Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monster Sketches and a Building

So these are some quick sketches for developing a monster. Pencil, pen, and copic markers. There was a lot of experimenting , but its pretty clear i like creatures that stand on thin pointly legs. The creature at the top with the human scale is the one i chose in the end. Though i put him in another project, i will do a separate rendering of him soon.

This is an orthographic turn around for a smaller building that one might find in the east village or pretty much anywhere in NYC. I found and modified some images that might best fit the surface textures of the building.

Hopefully ill get some more new stuff up here soon. Until next time, hoohaa!


Liz said...

geez Colin. These guys could definitely eff some ess up.


patbollin said...

Colin - Great to see you actively blogging again. Great shapes on these beasties. You're missed in the Cintiq lab.

info said...

Colin, These look really good. I think you can take them up a knotch by studying this book:

Have fu in LA!