Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Insomniac Game!!

Finally, here is "Overstrike" , our new game!! Also our first multi-platform game!!

Thanks to our friends at Blur Studios for making this AWESOME trailer!!

And heres a Link to the trailer!! On Youtube!

The characters where designed by Carlo Arellano and Rodrigo Riberio, Darren Quach handled the gadgets and FX, I handled the guns and some props in the environment, Blur did an awesome job with everything else!

Check out the Overstrike Website and Facebook page!

In other news, R3 has had a great presence at E3! On Monday a great Playstation Move + lightgun + R3 Bundle was announced, as well as a new 24 inch Playstation Brand Sony 3D tv that includes a copy of the game. Outside E3, there was a Nike store that was completely decked out for R3, and included a demo of the game. Also the Blu-Ray of Battle LA comes out later in the year with a demo of the game. Thats all for now!

Have a good day!!!



Yuki said...

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I've seen your great works!:)
So, I wanna use your space ship designs in my student project.
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Please consider this matter.
Thank you.

Claire said...

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