Friday, July 20, 2012

Farewell Insomniac Games!

Hey Everyone,

Sort of big news ,I no longer work at Insomniac Games!  Though I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team on the projects there, a new exciting opportunity came up and I decided it was a good time to move on it. Here is a segment from my goodbye email that may help explain the difficulty in making this decision:

Almost four years ago I moved out to LA after receiving my BFA in Illustration /Minor in 3D Animation. I knew I wanted to do concept design for games instead of what I had gone to school for, though at the beginning I wasn't sure how. I slept on a friends couch for a few months, while getting my act together, during which time I took my first workshop with Darren and Carlo. From there I took classes at the Concept Design Academy to build up my portfolio, around which time I said to myself “Where do I want to work”.

I had been a fan of Insomniac Games for many years. I remember the first time I played the demo for Spyro the dragon (I was an OPM and Underground subscriber), and at the time was amazed at the amount, size , and details of the levels. After playing , and owning, all of the original Spyro games, I moved onto Ratchet & Clank. As with Spyro I remember
playing the demo of Metropolis, and thinking “This is freaking awesome” . Subsequently I got the first game, then one year for Christmas the second two, which I remember spending the rest of holiday break playing through . Then of course came the PS3 and Resistance. I played through the SP many times, even on super human difficulty, more than once. A friend of mine and I also played through all the difficulty modes In co-op. . .   It was awesome.

It was clear Insomniac was a good goal to reach, and after months of hard work I made it. Having been a fan of the franchises it was a great honor and privilege to work on them with the same creative team.  Though I loved working on A Crack in Time, my favorite completed project so far has been Resistance 3, and am very proud of what we did as a team for it. Insomniac has definitely made me who I am in the industry. I have really enjoyed working with everyone!

A friend of mine pointed out when I told him I was going to leave that “it was our goal to work there”. It was, and I have, and it was awesome. Now I have new goals and opportunities, and the chance to grow in different ways. I am still a fan of the company, and will continue to be there day for new releases!

I have joined the talented team at Magic Pixel Games working on an awesome project! MPG is a great little company everyone should check out . Also, they're Hiring! 

No new art at the moment really, however here is a poster I made this week for my summer space themed “SPACETACULAR” party. I throw good parties too. (at my friend Jame's house, he also host)

Take Care everyone!

PS: Check out Magic Pixel's Facebook page too! 


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Janice Chu said...

Wow that's awesome, Congrats! It's definitely my goal to work at Insomniac!