Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Insomniac's FUSE Next Week!!!

Next week Insomniac's FUSE comes out!!! I was fortunate enough to work on the project after my time on Resistance 3 ended. Its great to finally see the game get out into the world, and the FIRST Insomniac title to land on the Xbox! Check out the Launch Trailer Here! Get the game in store May 28th!! Or Pre Order now!!! Check out the official website!
Check out some sweet promo screenshots below!

In other news I've finished my second term teaching Environment Concept Design for games at Laguna College of Art & Design with Nathan Fowkes. It has been a great journey sharing the information I've learned from so many others to the students. Through this small step into education I've gotten a better understanding of not only the process of teaching, as well as learning more about the craft itself. Sharing what you know with others is a great way to re-enforce and better understand the whole process from start to finish. I'm thankful to all those I've learned from, and look forward to more opportunities to share my experience.
Here's a personal peice from the other night:
Have a good one!

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