Monday, February 10, 2014

New Job! id Software!

I haven't updated in quite a while... but more importantly, here is the newest and biggest piece of news! In December of last year I packed my bags and moved to Dallas (Richardson specifically) Texas to Join the team at id Software. I feel very honored and humbled to join such a legendary production house. Here are a few of their past projects we've enjoyed over the years:

Now that I've been here a couple months I can safely say it is a solid team, working on an awesome project. I feel that much of the past five years of my career have been building to , and training me for this opportunity. I am also excited that I finally get to work with Hugo Martin  . Coincidentally, he was one of my first teachers when I moved to LA. Though everyone I've met and had the honor of working with there has been equally awesome. Dallas has also been an exciting adventure, as I actually went to highschool in the area, and have been reconnecting with old friends and exploring how the city has changed.

While I am hoping to make it to a few Game Dev events this year, everyone should come to Dallas in July for Quake Con 2014 to hang out!!! Its going to be totally awesome and there will be lan parties everywhere (though technically the whole thing is a massive lan party)!!!!!!!  It is totally free!!!

In other news,  I briefly worked for Trion Worlds in San Diego on expansions and season 2 development for "Defiance". I did enjoy working with the team there, though sadly the studio shut down shortly after I started. I still enjoyed the experience as it introduced me to new friends, and new perspective on the industry.

To Infinity and Beyond!


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Eliott said...

Glad to hear things are working well at the studio. I'm looking forward to seeing the game evolve from the state it was in when I was at the studio, to what it will become with Hugo at the helm and you in the trenches. (I have high hopes).

Tell Hugo I said 'hey.