Friday, August 15, 2008

Siggraph 2008

Very amazing. Learned many things, met many people, generally had a good time. Though I couldn't get into the legendary Blur party, I had more then enough great experiences to surpass what awesomeness I may have missed. In actuality I think some of the expreiences I had surpassed the Blur party, even if I had had the opportunity to go. Enough about the blur party! Of the many companies I was able to interact with, Lucasfilm, Imagemovers Digital, Rhythm & Hues, and Blizzard where the most positive experiences. Not necessarily because of job opportunities, but general quality of people. I was able to gain great and positive feedback from them as well. I only had one negative experience with talking with a company, but it didn't even come down to criticism of my work or behavior, simply the treatment of a potential hire and customer. I learned from that experience that I wouldn't want to work for, or recommend anyone to a company that treats people in that fashion. Especially when they are definitely on a lower level then the above mentioned companies. I also believe in karma.

I definitely recommend Siggraph to anyone who is seriously considering a job in the industry. Though I missed going to Comicon this year, when asked about it, and the choice i made, it simplay came down to "i wanted a job". I hope to catch both next year if i can afford it, they are both very fun, but Siggraph is something that will further your career lightyears in the right direction. Even just attending you learn more then you will anywhere else.

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Illink said...

Glade you enjoyed yourself, and everything is cool. I got to work on getting to the next one.