Thursday, September 25, 2008

Into the Future!

Photoshop over pencil sketch, its the future.

So now I live in Pasadena, In a really sweet 112 year old Victorian house. In a few days Ill be going down to Laguna College of art for the 2 Day opening workshops for the Concept Design Academy. In addition to classes there I am taking a class at Gnomon for digital painting. These are all great because they are night and weekend classes, as the instructors actually have working lives. The professor for the Digital painting class is Hugo Martin, interestingly enough we will be classmates in a class taught at the concept design academy by James Paick, who offered to teach another section due to popular demand. The same day as the new section was announced it filled up. So im fortunate to have the opportunity to take his Enviornmental Design Class. Im also taking a class on drawing mechanical things like vehicles and mechs with John Wu, . Finally I will be taking a class called Entertainment Projects. In meetings with Kevin Chen, founder of CDA, he explained it as a class where you go through simulated projects you may encounter in the real world. It will be taught by Carlo Arellano. I'm pretty much going to have an insainly full schedule for the next ten weeks. Of course its going to be very exciting, and I have spent some time scowering craigslist to create a pretty sweet work area. No going back now, haha.

Also this past weekend I visited San Francisco. I saw many friends, some from as far back as highschool, and made some new ones here and there. One of which is a very talented artist, Kinman Chan. His work ethic and thought process where very interesting to experience first hand, as well as just hanging out in general. Hes got pretty much every video game system and movie ever made in his house (thats an exaggeration and I'm pretty sure he only plays rock band) . Really though, as many artists I have encountered in this field, very knowlagable and down to earth.

Since I spent so much time talking about it, heres some of the CDA brochures including the opening weekend workshop (I think most everything is full by now, but you can check the CDA website and blog):

Time for learning!

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