Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Color Sketches

Here are some color sketches done with some photomashing. Im not sure if thats the correct term but bascially you take shapes from a photo and then move them around looking for interesting shapes they create. So bascially trying to create images with photos without just using them literally, like not just putting a picture of a mountain into your image, using the shape of it to be something else. (the mountains on the 4rth one are painted and the shape was made using the lasso tool). I think the first one fails to do this, but became an interesting photoshop collage of images. The fuselage of the vehicle started as a boat. These where probably more detailed then we had to do.

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Illink said...

These are great Colin. I love the top two; the composition and color palette are nice. I can't wait to try and get up there for the summer.