Sunday, October 12, 2008

Supreme Badass v1.0

Thats pretty what much he is. This design will change a lot by the time I am done. Didn't need to g all out with the rendering, but it was good practice like the previous studies, in understanding the shapes of the face and how they can be made to be distinct. His story is that he is a late 1800s cowboy who gets transported into present day and has to fight monster aliens from the future that have come back in time. It sounds wonky, but my quest here is to only make things that look good, and are functional for the subject matter. Not to mention he is a total badass, who'll cut you down with a glare. I came up with a fun story for the scar on his face. When asked, he said it was from a small grizzy bear. Until he fought back, then it was just dead. Badass.

As instructed, his re-design will be more distinct, and focus on giving him more character attributes related to the fact that he is a cowboy.

Also this is what he looks like in a hat, the same hat he had on during the grizzly attack. It still works as a hat so he kept it:

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BWIL said...

Indeed! Looking Real Good sir!