Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sketch Dump and Other News

Multi-Purpose Mech

Fat Plane

Deep Research

Space Cargo

Semi Plane

Rocket Bee

Small Carrier

Hey everyone! So it has been quite some time since I posted. Things have been pretty busy at work, as at the end of next month we release our game!! In the mean time, as things have been winding down, I've had some time here and there to study various art and machinery and things. Finding some time here and there over the last few weeks ive done some sketching, of the sketching these got a layer of value and some clean up.

My favorite is definitly 'Fat Plane' . He started as a very quick scribble and turned into .. pretty much what the scribble was. Since I've been doing so much drawing at work, and of course being around insainly good artists / co workers, ive been able to take many things ive learned and put them into sketching and drawing in general. We dont have forever to do something at work, so thinking quickly and producing something that is legiable, and tells a story on its own is key. I have really gotten into sketching ideas out in pen, and then re drawing them digitally, pen means less chance for chance, more focused thought. Though all of these where digital (intous 3 action), I had a shape or subject in mind when i started, and as soon as a half decent shape was present it was done, just layered on some details and functionality and tada! Fat Plane!

Ratchet and Clank!

I also need to give a shout out to the awesome team I work with! Our concept team, and art team, and everyone else in the company has done a great job in bringing the game together! I have learned far more then I ever thought I would in an insainly short amount of time. Go team Insomniac!

Heres a trailer that pretty much demonstrights the amount of awesome that goes into making a game like this:

Also this on is my favorite:

Kudos to our animation team for that one! totally awesome.

I am also very excited for the host of other games coming out this fall, though who knows when I'll have time to play them as I plan on taking another class, and drawing, a lot.

Good Night and Good luck!



Johan Derycke said...

Too bad I don't have a PS3. That game looks pretty awesome!

My first thought on seeing the vehicles was also the fat plane looks the best. It would be awesome if you could show us some of the pen sketches you mentioned? :)

Simon Scales said...

Hey Colin...nice sketches man!!

dq said...

the fat plane is still my favorite, although little bee is pretty awesome...

David Kang said...

Colin!! finally an update. These are great man. Ur skills are through the roof!

Illink said...

These robo and vehicle sketches are awesome

Christie said...

Awesome stuff, robotcolin!

I like the rocket bee. I'd like to see a hive of them together.

Looking forward to those new robots!

Jason K said...

The Space Cargo pic is interesting. However, I'm not sure how functional the vehicle would be. The arms look a bit short and the mandibles need some heft/flexibility.

Are the series of light shaded pods behind to indicate a chain of cargo that would be added or implied motion?