Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Into The Future!

Well It has been a little bit since I posted something. I've been noodling on this sketch off and on this past week. Its time to put it down. I though it would be a fun break from other things going on. Intuous 3/CS3

In other news Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time has been out since late October. I've played through the whole thing myself and its very entertaining. For the first time I've been on the other side of development, and have been able to see some things I, and others designed. I was able to work some amazing talent during the project in-house as well as contract. A trend that will continue into the future!

In the mean time, heres some more doodles:

This guy was suppose to be up with the last batch:

First CS4 Sketch:

CS3 is fine.

"Pen Sketches"

So I've mentioned here and there that I often do a lot of pen sketches. For these I used a uniball Pen on straight printer paper. These doodles occupied time in between work and fun. I've filled up many pages, but have no aquired a small sketchbook to keep with me so I can keep things focused. For these I just corrected a few lines in photoshop, as well as erased some of the excess so you can actually see the lines that matter, as well as added some light sources so the forms are more apparent.

That's it for now... more stuff to come soon. Happy Holidays Everyone! Travel Safe!



Illink said...

Great post! Glad things are going well. Happy Holidays!


Ben Mauro said...

Han Solo approves this post.

dq said...


I find your mechanical curiosities quite inspiring. They seem to display the correct attention to detail.

However I believe that Mr. Dog Mini lacks some proper greebli bits. Might I advise a metalic arm for him? Or maybe a transforming metallic water pot that pours forth 10w-30 grade oil instead of water (which you have seemed to indicate)? That would give this image the proper slickness it needs so much.

As you wish.