Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Forest Den

Hello again. This is me shifting gears to try something new. I experimented with painting with pattern 'brushes' and such. Early on in this I lost the original sketch, and some how got to distracted by all the craziness to fix the bendy roots and trees. Fortunately I am viewing this as a painting exercise , and not a design exercise . Having said that I kinda like it. Though I have 'painted' in the past, I had generally made more rigid design choices in the forms before. This is one of the first ones where I just let the forms find themselves after the original sketch, which was just a bunch of squiggly lines. Originally I had planned to put various creatures in some sort of festival throughout it. Since I didn't include them in the original sketch or painting, i could see it getting messy fast. Not to mention its time to put this down. It was fun while it lasted , time to move onto something new!

Otherwise things are good, starting my second year at Insomniac. The first was pretty epic, no doubt the next will continue the trend. I am very thankful and fortunate to be in a place with ridiculous artists and teachers. Also the kitchen is pretty sweet too. aha!

Also good luck to all you SCAD students who just started the winter quarter! I hope all those out here and Cali where able to sign up for Concept Design Academy classes before they filled up!

Until Next time!



Lauren said...

Purdy. Hey, if you're already planning your cruise outing for year 2 don't forget little ole me! Ha!

Brian Yam said...

and plenty of muufffinnnss! Nice excercise sir!

Mike Bear said...

hey colin, thanks for dropping by the ol' blog. how have you been? your painting skills are gettin' all good n' stuff.

keep it up!

Chelsea said...

hi! i love your art you have always been one of my fav artists. Sorry I'm never around. Just wanted to say hi and that so many of the atmospheres you paint and stuff remind me of the land around me here in Utah. Come hang out?

Chelsea said...

proof: http://ohthereishope.blogspot.com/search/label/Utah

scrolll down and you'll see crazy utah pix of mountains, caves, and the red deserts of moab and zion. There are awesome utah pix scattered throughout so scroll all the way to the bottom and check it out:) much love teamcolin!