Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mole Men and Friends

Mole Men Tank

Mole Tank V1

Mech Leg

Mech Thumbnails

Orion Alpha Sketch

Orion Beta Sketch

Star fighter Sketch

So this past month has been pretty busy. With work and adventures outside. This is some of the collective personal work I hammered out (though the rest is mostly just sketches and doodles here and there). So all the robots at the top of the post came from the thumbnails midway down. Originally I was working on a draw up of the mech above the mole tank, but it got to the point where I was over designing it, so all that I am posting for now is one of its legs. It was easier for me to envision the mole tank because its generally hilarious. Though I took the time to think of a shock absorbing system for the base of the legs, in general its a silly looking machine, which would probably look interesting as it walks down battlefield. Though clearly it's red eye ports mean business. I would drive one.

The next few images are me getting back to my roots. I love me some space ships. The first two are sort of a star wars/ star trek hybrid. Though there needs to be some more work on incorporating all parts of the hull, as par a suggestion from a reliable source, I am still fairly happy with it for now. Though if I want to take it to final render, it needs more work. The same can be said about the small star fighter looking ship underneath both. I've been told its a bit flimsy, so that will need to be fixed before final render.

Lastly a couple environments. I think at this point I just wanted to get out finished and unfinished pieces, so they stop staring back at me. I think they all need some work, but for now , they are a good representative of many things I have learned over the past year of work. I really do encourage everyone to work on their own work outside of career and life. Staying 'frosty' keeps you one step ahead, or maybe just one step in line, better then falling behind!


Illink said...

The work is dope! Thanks for the inspiration!

aopaul said...

WOW, man!!! I didn't know you COULD DRAW! sweet.

Jason said...

Cool stuff man, nice to see an update after so long!

Wayne Beeman said...

Wonderful work.

Mike Bear said...

atta boy colin! love the mole tank. great to see the direction you're going in. we need to catch up!

Alexander said...

arrr....good concept and the MOLE MAN is really great!!!!

Colin Thomas said...

cool stuff colin! love the painterly style on the last one.