Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Current Adventures

Here is some of what I do after work and when I'm not out wreaking havoc on the town. These images conssit of some gray scale drawings, some color thumbnails, a shuttle sketch demo for a friend, and of course... Fat Jet!

My process is still largely the same, the only factor that affects it is time really. I am still learning a lot from my co-workers so I don't think that I will be taking classes any time in the near future. Tae Young Choi (the newest member of our team who started last November) is a total beast. Carlo is still kicking my butt too, though in a less painful way. He and Darren are currently kicking a lot of student butt over at the Concept Design Academy. Speaking of which, there is another 'Concept Design' oriented school that just opened up Red Engine Design.

The school, made up of experienced members of the design community such as Jung Park and several others, really solidifies the fact that Los Angeles is the premier city in the country (and possibly the world) for learning about Concept Design and the industry from talented professionals.

I've been in LA now for almost 2 years. Though it was a major risk moving out, and I really wasn't clear of my future, once I started taking classes and networking my future sort of filled itself. Now at Insomniac for over one and a half years, and thinking about the future, the future is good. I've also finally accepted Los Angeles as my home, at least for now! Now get of the internet and get back to drawing!

Also, here's a fat bee!



Claire said...

I love the fat bee.

Billy Wimblett said...

Hey great stuff Colin, I really like the line quality of the first two!

Oh by the way speaking of Networking, I sent you a FB request a little while ago :)

andrew domo said...

It's insane how far you've come. Amazing work, man