Monday, May 26, 2008


The following is the development process for a visual to go with a proposed space advertising project.

Original Nasa Photograph

Sun added, along with pieces from another space shot of the earth.

That was the fun part. The rest was merely bending something to make it look like a giant screen in space. Although the actual design is not solid, it is made up of a massive grid of pipes and other materials, which hold and suspend arrays of RGB lights in place. This way it isn't a solid piece floating up in space. This means that when turned off its visual stamp is pretty small. That is important because of legislation passed in the 90s in regards to a "space billboard" project that called for massive ads printed on massive sheets of mylar to be suspended in space. In addition to legislation that made it illegal (over the United States) all the investors backed out because of maintenance concerns.

Heres the final version, minus various space ships and other little objects. Credit goes to Mark Montgomery for a last minute logo design.

And now on to graduating! less then a week!


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Anonymous said...

You can't fool me Colin. I know what this is really about.

I mean, really. Giant hovering objects? ...Seems like a cover-up for something a bit more sinister. ;)