Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finding Muno (2)

And here are some test renders over a few pencil sketches from the previous post, once again, all are for the creature/character Muno.

So its pretty clear from what ive done so far ive narrowed the Species and look of Muno down to 2 species. One is more mammalian and the other more lizardish. Ill keep working until i come up with a good compromise. Or not, haah. Beyond the assignment my goal is to create a fully realised design that i can render different ways, including one in a space suit (thus the first image). I do like the idea of taking a main character down the "old and wise" path. That way he can have more history on him. Not to mention the "hobbit" type legacy he could have. Old , grumpy, and going on adventures.

This one was a test render over one of the simpler sketches, that probably wont make it past this stage. I may do more, as its just so silly its awesome...

I call it "FOOP"


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