Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Muno Costumes





So this is where i am right now. Ive gone ahead and started working out some costume concepts. I figure hes sort of a gear head, good at figuring things out. Of course hes probably going to wind up in space at some point, so why not a space suit? The bottem image is a suit that i drew up, and although i plan on using the helmet design later, it was pointed out that visually it doesnt look as manuverable as a space suit could be. So i did another one.

As these are concepts, they will be changed and corrected by the final version. In Fact Muno is going to be redesigned again to push him back to the sloping neck and arched back of the older version i drew previously. This will help push his silhouette back to something more interesting, hopefully. Either way the finals of these are going to look pretty sweet.

Re-designs coming soon...

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