Thursday, September 8, 2011

Resistance 3 Concept Art

 Here are a few concept pieces I did for Resistance 3. The first few images are for the first section of the game seen in the trailers. The other couple are early concepts for later campaign levels. The planet is seen in the opening/loading cinematic and you can see it through a giant 'wormhole' in the sky that you're fighting to close. You wind up seeing the destroyed version of this several times in the game.

Below are some props for various Multiplayer (MP) modes and the campaign. The turret is special to the MP mode 'Breach' where they protect a core that the enemy team is trying to destroy. Below that is an early version of a chimera set piece. The last prop is from the MP mode 'Chain Reaction' and if the enemy team activates it after a base dug of war with your team, you loose.

I have a ton of other images that I'll upload later. Some of them are sketches and pretty much all the ammo pick ups etc that you see in the game. There are more images from some later levels, but I want you to check those out for yourself first :) . So go get Resistance 3 so you can check it out for yourself! 

Until then, keep on drawing! 



Darnell said...

awesome work! your killing it dude.

Ben J Greene said...

Especially loving the second batch of props here. All are fantastic though! Can't wait for more :)

Roy Santua said...

Spectacular work Colin! Great blog. Thank You.