Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Resistance 3 Round 2

 Random Props

Here is a bit more variety of types of concepts for R3. I also included some sketches of the Washington Square concept from the previous entry. There's a turret here that you'll see if you go up against higher levels in Multiplayer (which here are now quite a few. ) . The radio looking thing is an actual recording device from the lade 40s/ 50s that I redesigned a bit to help match what it is used for in the game, though you just pick these up and they help tell you stories about the world.

The first image in the entry is a chimera Interior that was suppose to be the inside of a machine that carried you around. The chimera wall is really massive and impressive in-game. Note the scale of the red marks in relation to the structure. Massive. There are quite a few more things to share, and in a few weeks, or months, I'll do an entry about the Terraformer, which I spent most of my time on the project on.

Get the game! :D



Darnell said...

These are great!

Damion009 said...

I cant stop looking at your work... you make me want to be a better artist!!! hands down some of the best drawings/paintings/ awesomeness I have ever seen.

JAIR said...

Hey Colin!

it was nice meeting you at CTN last week. Your blog is looking nice -great work.

good luck with everything at insomniac.