Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Coffee Shop

So this guy went from start to finish in a coffee shop. He isnt as well designed as his predacessor, which will stand through now matter how I try to render him, but for all the distractions he came out pretty well. He suffers from lack of continuity between shapes, and some car related proportional issues. He's sort of 'curvy muscle' but not in the cool way. Though at this point I am still more focused on learning this rendering process. I learned from this to never color your object the same color as the sky, then it doesn't stand out as well against the sky. haha.

I am in a coffee shop because I woke up this morning to the sound of water filling something up. I jumped up and realized that my ceiling light fixture was filling with water. I ran to get my land lord, and then waited there for a short while, trying to hold up the light fixture so it didnt fall and shatter, dumping the water everywhere (which wound up happening anyway). Long story short the power is still off in my room while they are working on fixing the problem. So I became uber behind on my work, thus tried to draw and render a car at a coffee shop. Once again, I think under the circumstances it turned out ok, haha. If and when I get to go home I will try another one.


*Edit* so this looks way different on my monitor at home compared to my laptop. oops. haah.

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Lauren said...

How weird. Leon and I woke up to our kitchen sink flooding our kitchen! Our neighbor was washing dishes and it created this horrible chain reaction. I feel you- the day was kinda waisted because of the incident.