Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some Progress

I have been able to work a little more on this space. I plan to go back in when theres time and mess with my mark making so its not as systematic. Most likely by adding in some photo textures. It is very easy to get lost in color.

No these guys are technically "Color Sketches 3" But they are different in that they where done straight up just painting. I had a vague idea of what i was looking for eaith each one before I started, and i tried to get there as fast as possible by blocking in shapes, and adding a couple details here and there. Cutting out the whole photo thing really saves a lot of time. If I could id just like to be able to a ton of these a day. Unfortunately this wasn't even part of an assignment and was just experimentation, so I'll have to work a little extra now on the actual stuff. hah. Though not directly for my current assignment, these will serve as some idea for the direction of color and composition I'll be going in next. The theme word for these is 'Overgrown" .

until next time, peace.

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