Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Color!

I spent a lot longer then i wanted to on this one. Originally it was one of the color sketches, but I kept fiddling with it. I think i got too caught up in the fiddling on details, working in isolated areas and didnt always check to make sure what i was doing was working for everything else. It looks pretty good small (and from a distance) so I im happy with it.

Here is a a little preview of another thing im working on. I blocked out all the colors and composition pretty quickly, and now its just a matter of deciding on what level to take it to. If i have time hopefully I can finish it early this coming week.

This has definitely been a very busy, productive week. One of many to come.

1 comment:

mikeweaver said...

Nice! you are going good directions, keep it up. About the thumbnail with the dark cliffs and space ship. All of your edges are in the same focus and come to abrupt halts. Think of a ball. As it rolls over, you will see more of the surface concentrated in a narrower band. The "concentrated surface" will have more surface detail compacted and it will tend to reflect more of the light source/atmospheric color.