Saturday, November 15, 2008

Overgrown# 2

"The Lost Land"

This one was fun. Originally there was to be a space ship flying through this environment, following the river. I replaced that with some flying critters, and a raptor. At that point it changed into "lost land". More so a reference to the old Turok Games for n64. Id like to see them return to a place like this. No pictures where used as they are, except for maybe some fo the surface of the water. Everything else is mashed up and as it was originally.

I'd visit this place.

Also, heres the Sketch where it started:

When you look at both of them small like this it looks like i didn't do too much. hah.


Illink said...

Nice piece!

Nike stanton said...

maaaan, ur environments look AMAZING!!!!!! prolly the hardest part 4 me... my environments came out soooooooooooooo bad,i couldn't even post 'em

Taylor said...

it's your attention to detail that has always staggered me, sir. well done.