Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Valley of the Ancients

Started it yesterday, finished it last night. So far there are no photos in there. So i guess its more of a straight up painting. Lord of the Rings-ish for sure. I might go back and add textures/folieage. This was originally going to be one of the 'Overgrown' series, but i wanted to see what it looked like without plants. Though one could say the castle is fairly overgrown. I imagin it was carved out of the rock, and then they added to it.

Heres where it started. I think i made a good choice by changing the color scheme.


Nolan Woodard said...

Gorgeous work, Colin! I'm grabbing these for examples to use in classes.

Brian Yam said...

You've come a long way Colin! Great stuff!

Triterion said...

I likey

mirabelle said...

Waow your blog is beautiful! Thanks for the address :)



The Organic Gardener said...

Wow, those are great. I just dabble in drawing on Photoshop. I mostly just edit my pics there. My main focus is Flash CS4.